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» The Last Enchantments

The Last Enchantments

Simon Watson (English, 1962)

The SONS OF THE MORNING sequence takes its hero, Johnny Clarke, through the adventure of growing up. Set in the 1950s, A Storm of Cherries creates a sometimes bleak, sometimes affectionate and humorous picture of prep school life of the period. Anyone who experienced its peculiar cruelties and consolations will recognize staff and boys, language and lore; anyone who didn’t will enter a strange world.  Volume 2, Dancing Days is set in public school.

In Volume 3, The Last Enchantments (published this month), the dramatic events of 1962-3 – the Cuban missile crisis, the long hard winter, the Profumo scandal and the meteoric rise of the Beatles – culminating in the assassination of President Kennedy provide the turbulent background to the undergraduate adventures of Johnny Clarke at 'Cardinal College': adventures political, amorous, social, literary, sporting and religious. Britain is wriggling out of its post-war chrysalis but at the same time there is the heritage of Oxford and old England to be fought for – and saved.

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