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The Quest

Philip Brown (Chemistry, 1944)

The Quest involves a history of the Augustinian Priory of the Holy Trinity, Michelam, founded in 1229. However the QUEST of the Title was asking for my wife, Gounil`s healing from terminal cancer, from Prior John Leem of Michelam and Abbot Marc Foulque the twelfth century third Abbot of the Abbey of Grestain in Normandy who gives my psychic collaborator Zoi Hartley visions of the past. The Seal of Prior John, which we made in glass for the Priory many years ago, bore the words in Latin, TO BE LOVED YOU MUST FIRST LOVE. Three months before Gounil passed on, our five daughters took over her care so that she could stay at home and not end her days in Hospital.She passed away to the Other Side, in utter calmness completely healed in spirit.

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