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» Rebuilding Native Nations

Rebuilding Native Nations

Miriam Jorgensen (Human Sciences, 1987)

A revolution is underway among the Indigenous nations of North America. It is a quiet revolution, largely unnoticed in society at large. But it is profoundly important. From high plains states and prairie provinces to southwestern deserts, from Mississippi and Oklahoma to the northwest coast the continent, Native peoples are reclaiming their rights to govern themselves and to shape their futures in their own ways.

This book traces the contours of revolution as Native nations turn the dream of self-determination into practical reality. Part report, part analysis, part how-to-manual for Native leaders, it discusses strategies for governance and community and economic development that are being employed today by American Indian nations and First Nations in Canada as they move to assert greater control over their own affairs. For nations that wish to join that revolution for those who simply want to understand the transformation now underway across Indigenous North America, this book is a critical resource.

Miriam Jorgensen is Associate Director for Research in the Native Nations Institute for Leadership, Management, and Policy at the University of Arizona and Research Director of the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development. For more information about this book click here.


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