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Snakes and Ladders

Brian C. Bennett (Modern History, 1951)

'Snakes and Ladders' is a collection of short stories and 'bits and pieces' which hopefully can be enjoyed by all ages whilst relaxing anywhere - in a plane or train, a garden chair, a warm bath, or by a cosy fire. It has a wide mixture of characters, many of the stories have a twist in the tail, and there is a variety of humorous, dramatic, saddish and feel-good situations.

Brian Bennett was born way back in 1931 and has lived in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, since 1988. He scraped into Christ Church, Oxford, from where a weak degree led him into his own snakes and ladders career with seven U.K. and American financial institutions and a mostly enjoyable life in Portugal, Brasil, Guyana, the U.S.A., Luxembourg and the U.K. In the course of this he has met and worked with many delightful people, and had many memorable experiences, the flavour of which has been reflected in some of the stories.

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