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Pocket Emergency Medicine

Dr Gareth Rhys Chapman (2005, Medicine)

Pocket Emergency Medicine is a bedside handbook written by a previous medical student at the House. Gareth Chapman is now practising medicine in Brighton, and came to realise that there was no easily portable well-researched compact text for doctors to refer to in an emergency for a brief refresher of management plans for patients. This quick-reference guide zeroes in on the most common clinical emergencies - the breathless patient, hypotension/falling blood pressure, disordered consciousness, metabolic emergencies, poisoning, low urine output, acute chest pain, the acute abdomen, the agitated patient, and advanced life support - to supply critical information when it is most needed. Including tabbed subsections for easy navigation of the key presentations, with emergency drug doses, algorithms, helpful graphs and tables, Pocket Emergency Medicine is the perfect aid for the on-call medical student and junior doctor.
Published by Wiley-Blackwell publishing, and available from January 2010 RRP £7.99.


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