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Managing Fraud Risk

Steve Giles (1976, Modern History)

As a former forensic accountant for Deloitte, Steve Giles was involved in headline investigations such as the Polly Peck affair.

Now an international consultant in the areas of governance, risk and compliance, he specialises in how to manage financial crime risk and business ethics, with a client list boasting the likes of The London Stock Exchange and the ACCA.

2018 - China goes Critical

Barnaby Powell (1962, Law)

Barnaby Powell with co-author Alex Mackinnon has published his third book on China, 2018 - China goes Critical. This demonstrates the historical waves of chaos that continue to shape modern China - from Sun Yatsen's Revolution to the Bo Xilai Affair - and considers the scale of challenges facing the new Communist Party leadership.

Be Your Own Nutritionist

George Cooper, (1993, Biological Sciences)

When George Cooper developed a severe digestive illness at university he went through gruelling treatments, traumatic surgery and followed endless advice from various practitioners. He turned to alternative therapies, training in traditional Chinese medicine at universities and colleges in the U.K., China and Australia and developing a special interest in food and traditional diet for health. 


The Populist Radical Right in Poland: The Patriots

Dr Rafal Pankowski (1995, PPE)
From political obscurity to the heart of mainstream politics, the recent rise of the extreme right in the Polish context surprised many observers. Rafal Pankowski makes sense of the rapid growth of organized radical nationalism on the political level in Poland by showing its origins, its internal dynamics and the historical, political, social and cultural context that has made it possible.

The Harlot’s Press

 Helen Pike (1991, Modern History)

Helen Pike has had her first novel published. The Harlot’s Press is set in 1820 and is loosely based around the Queen Caroline Affair. The plot is part murder mystery and part political intrigue, as the heroine navigates life in a House of the Quality in St James’s Square and a radical print shop off Cheapside. The Harlot’s Press is out in paperback on July 7th 2011.



The Voyage of the Kumbuka, Dr Dalykov's Promotion, Duster and Daughters and Rifts of the Earth

Simon Freebairn-Smith (1955, Classics)

Simon has written 4 books which are now available to buy in Kindle format via Amazon: click here to purchase.


Animal Rights, What Everyone Needs to Know

Peter Waldau (1993, Theology)

In this compelling volume published in 2011 by OUP in the What Everyone Needs to Know series, Paul Waldau expertly navigates themany heated debates surrounding the complex and controversial animal rights movement.

In the Bend of the River: finding Vojvodina

Robert MacCurrach (1972, Biology - Agriculture and Forestry)

One man’s view, part memoir part travelogue, of the province of Vojvodina in northern Serbia. It is told with affection as someone who lived amongst the many peoples cast onto those wide fertile plains from both Hapsburg Empire and Ottoman Europe. This is a story told from the bottom up. A big canvas is stretched out, from Plato’s shepherds to the most recent wave of refugees, but always the compass turns to the villages, the land and its wilderness.

Visions of Nationhood: Prelude to the Nigerian Civil War, 1960-1967

G.N. Uzoigwe (1964, Modern History)

Visions of Nationhood is a refreshingly bold and informed study of why Nigeria’s three dominant sub-national groups—the Hausa-Fulani of the Northern Region, the Igbo of the Eastern Region, and the Yoruba of the Western Region—were collectively unable to reconcile their conflicting visions of Nigerian nationhood, and thus created situations that forced the Nigerian military to topple the government of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa within six years of Nigerian independence.

My Life of Crime: Cases and Causes

Sir Ivan Lawrence QC (1957, Jurisprudence)

From humble beginnings in Brighton in the 1930s, Ivan Lawrence has had an amazingly varied and interesting life – as a criminal defence lawyer, later Queen’s Counsel, taking part in many of the twentieth century’s most infamous trials; as Conservative MP for Burton-on-Trent for 23 years, during which time he initiated the National Lottery with a private member’s Bill; and as a proud and happy husband and father.

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