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ยป Prophets, Muses and Inspirations

Prophets, Muses and Inspirations

5th March - 19th April 2009 (coincided with the Times Oxford Literary Festival)


Follower of Giorgione (Giorgio Barbarelli, called Giorgione, c. 1477-1510)
An old man seated with a book under his arm
(Red chalk, rubbed over - Guise Bequest 1765)


The group of drawings, chosen from Christ Church's internationally renowned Old Master collection, displayed a varied and playful selection - contrasting drawings depicting 'old men with books' (prophets) and 'young women who might have inspired them' (muses). Admittedly, this is a slightly forged connection, prophets were hardly inspired by scarcely-clad muses, but in a world of inspiration and fiction everything might be possible.


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