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ยป Clouet to Claude - French Master Drawings

Clouet to Claude - French Master Drawings

5th October - 23rd December 2011 (extended to 5th February 2012)

While the Ashmolean is celebrated the inventor of landscape painting, Claude Lorrain, in a solo exhibition this autumn Christ Church gave a broader overview on French draughtsmanship by showcasing its collection of French drawings. This exhibition allowed the viewer to celebrate the singular elegance and spirit of this original artistic school.

Nicolas Poussin,  Roman View (1594-1665)
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The nature of this very varied group as well as the exhibition-space do not lend themselves to a chronological overview of this rich national school. The exhibition, however, offered glimpses into the work of some of the individual masters who shaped French art. The fascination of the selection was that it exposed one of the fundamental questions of art-history: “Who actually made it?”. To read more, please click on the link below.


  Claude Lorrain, Rocky landscape with trees

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