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Past Exhibitions

Beauty, Grace and Power: The horse in drawings of the Renaissance and Baroque

2 October - 23 December 2013


No other animal has inspired the creative mind of man as much as the horse. Evidence of this can be found in the artistic output of the numerous civilisations and cultures in which it has appeared since prehistoric times. Stone Age cave drawings, Iron Age hill figures, Assyrian reliefs, Greek bronzes, and Chinese terracotta statues contribute visually to our understanding of the relationship between man and horse.




The Florentine Innocenti: Vincenzo Borghini and the Art Scene in Florence

23 October - 24 February 2014


The exhibition showcases thirty-three drawings by Florentine artists with close links to Vincenzo Borghini.




Temptations to Devotion: Creating the Italian altarpiece in the Renaissance and Baroque

15 June - 14 October 2013


Old Master drawings from the Christ Church collection, exploring the power of the image for religious purposes.



Prophecies, Histories, Legends and Law in Drawings by Old Masters

20th February - 9th June 2013


Depictions of Old Testament scenes.



Two Landscapes Revisited

30th January - October 2013

Looking at two landscapes by Viola and Domenichino.



Five Drawings by Federico Barocci (c. 1533 - 1612)


In May 2013 the National Gallery in London staged the first major exhibition of works by the Umbrian artist Federico Barocci (c. 1533 - 1612): Federico Barocci - Brilliance and Grace . To tie in with this seminal London exhibition, Christ Church Picture Gallery  exhibited five drawings by Federico Barocci from its own collection.



Pathos, Invention and Speed: Luca Cambiaso (1527 - 1585) and his Time

27th October - 11th February 2013


Luca Cambiaso (1527 – 85) was the most inventive and prolific draughtsman in Genoa in the16th century.




Prints by Gayna Wiles - from the sketchbook: Objects, Views & Places

28th October - 17th December 2012

Heroic Nakedness - Exploring the body through the eyes of Renaissance and Baroque artists

13th June - 15th October 2012


This exhibition celebrated the human body as seen by Renaissance and Baroque artists and celebrated Olympic ideals. With over 30 drawings from Christ Church permanent collection,  it demonstrated how artists explore the physical beauty of the human form.



Salvador Dali's illustrations for Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland

27th June - 22nd October 2012

An exhibition to commemorate 150 years since Charles Dodgson (alias Lewis Carroll) invented and told the story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland for the first time, at a boat party and picnic on the river Thames.

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