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A collection of Master paintings held at Christ Church.

The majority of our paintings can be found on the BBC Your Paintings website in partnership with the Public Catalogue Foundation.

Jacopo Robusti Tintoretto:

The Martyrdom of St Lawrence

Probably painted in the late 1570s, this dramatic canvas may have been inspired by Titian's paintings of the same subject in the Jesuit Church of Venice and the Escorial, Madrid.


Filippino Lippi:

The Wounded Centaur

Filipino Lippi, a close friend and collaborator of Botticelli, belonged to a generation of Florentine painters who established a new way of painting.


Annibale Carracci:

The Butcher's Shop

This painting is perhaps the most spectacular in the collection at Christ Church, and is of great historical significance: this was the first time that an artist treated a modest genre-subject, in this case the interior of a Butcher’s Shop, on a monumental scale (190 x 272 cm). Its idiosyncrasy still presents art historians with a number of riddles regarding its meaning. 

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