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Library Regulations

These regulations are listed in section 14 of the booklet "Information and regulations for Junior Members" (the Blue Book), and represent the official statement on the rules of the library.

Throughout these regulations, the term Junior Member refers both to undergraduate and graduate students. The term undergraduate includes those graduates of other universities who are studying for an undergraduate degree.


1. You must not bring friends into the Library, which is reserved for members of the House and for visiting scholars. Members must identify themselves to a member of staff if requested to do so. You may find it useful to carry your University Card for this purpose.

2. You may take guests to visit the Upper Library on weekdays. Keep an eye on the website and posters for details on the current exhibitions and events.

3. Resident Members of the House may borrow books from the Library: the borrowing must be properly registered in the Member's name on the computer, or, if it is temporarily out of action, a correctly completed borrowing slip must be handed in at the desk.

4. Junior Members may not normally borrow books printed before 1800. Books from the reference sections, and any other volumes marked with a red sticker on the spine, are also confined to the Library.

5. No undergraduate may have more than twenty books on loan and no postgraduate may have more than forty books on loan at any one time.

6. Books have a two week loan period. A courtesy reminder will be sent when the books are due for return. YOU WILL BE FINED AT A RATE OF 25p PER BOOK PER DAY FOR OVERDUE ITEMS. Any fines accrued are charged on Battels at the end of term.  Books also can be recalled at any point once a reader has had them for 7 days. Any student who fails to respond to a recall notice will be fined £1 per book per day. Bound periodicals, DVDs and music scores must be returned after 7 days. All items must be returned using the Self-Service machine in the Entrance Hall.

7. Books can be renewed on the self-issue machine or using the patron functions on SOLO. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RENEW ITEMS ONCE THEY ARE OVERDUE. Please ask a member of staff to renew overdue books if you still need them. Items can be renewed a maximum of 3 times before they need to be returned to the Library. Persistent failure to return a book will result in the student in question being charged for the cost of its replacement plus a £5 administration fee. (If books which you think you have already returned appear on your record, please let us know. It is much easier to sort out problems early on!)

8. Items which are out on loan to another reader can be reserved by using the “Hold” button in SOLO. This simply means that the book will be reserved for you when it is next returned.  ITEMS REQUIRED URGENTLY CAN BE RECALLED BY A MEMBER OF STAFF, ONCE THEY HAVE BEEN ON LOAN FOR 7 DAYS.  THE BOOK SHOULD THEN BE RETURNED WITHIN THREE DAYS. In both cases, you will receive an email notifying you when the book becomes available.

9. No book may be transferred from one Junior Member to another. The Junior Member who borrows a book is responsible for that book until its return. Members must not lend books from the Library to any person outside Christ Church.

10. Members should take good care of Library books at all times. Anyone found to have mistreated Library books may be fined. You should not write or make marks in library books. You should not fold over corners of pages or use paperclips or post-it notes on the pages of the books. Avoid straining the bindings of books; use a bookmark to keep your place rather than leaving the book open. Please protect books from damage by water, food and drink.

11. If you lose a book you will be fined according to the cost of its replacement. Junior Members who fail to comply with the rules concerning the return of books or periodicals may be fined.

12. Junior Members may usually bring bags into the ground floor reading rooms, but should be prepared to show their contents to the staff on request.

13. Readers must not smoke, eat or drink in any part of the Library. Any food or drink brought into the library must remain unopened and in a bag.

14. Mobile phones should be turned off upon entering the library. Portable computers may be used at the tables with sockets provided, but should be silent in operation. If a computer is judged to be excessively noisy, the library staff may forbid its use. Please be aware of other users of the library and keep conversation to a minimum.

15. The Law Library is for the use of members of the House reading for any degree or diploma (undergraduate or graduate) in Law, and those reading other subjects who require books shelved in the Law Library. Other rules which govern its use are posted there.

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