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Lewis Carroll and the Art of Photography

Over the summer of 2015, Christ Church Library will host an exhibition of Lewis Carroll photographs. This exhibition will navigate the medium's early history, bringing together a selection of photographs from the Library's archives, as well as (on loan) from an extensive private collection.

Printmakers and Publishing in the 18th Century

Copper Impressions: Printmakers & Publishing in the 18th Century

The exhibition illustrates what might have been printed on the wooden intaglio rolling press, at present located in the Upper Library.

Workshops on a Copper Plate Rolling Press

Workshops on a Copper Plate Rolling Press

Thomas Tallis workshop

Dr Dean Jobin-Bevans (Lakehead University, ON Canada)

What the Sources Reveal: A closer look at the Litany attributed to Thomas Tallis

The Upper Library at Christ Church
Monday, 16 February 2015, at 5.15 pm

The Ecclesiastic Antiquarian:Ancient and Modern Coins in the Collection of Archbishop Wake

This new exhibition presents selected works of William Wake’s extensive numismatic library, 18th and 19th century casts of coins, electrotypes, and, in collaboration with the Ashmolean Museum, original coins from his collection.

Alice Liddell's Drawings and Watercolours

A selection of Alice Liddell’s sketches and watercolours (some from the 1872 Grand Tour of France & Italy). On display are also travel and engagement diaries and 19th century photographs.

Other Worlds and Imaginary Beings

This  new  exhibition  open  in  the  Upper  Library at Christ Church aims  at  revealing  how  widespread pagan  and Christian  imagery about monsters and ethereal beings is. The exhibition will be opened by Professors Martin Kemp and Marina Warner.

Workshop on Early Printing


As the Upper Library still features the fully functional 'one-pull press', we are fortunate to be able to continue offering workshops on the history of early printing.

From Scriptoria to the Printing House

This exhibition, curated by Cristina Neagu, together with Rowena Archer and David Rundle, highlights the process of creating new books during the period of transition from manuscript to print.

Hunting for Dodos

This exhibition, curated by Janet McMullin and Cristina Neagu, invites the viewer to explore the realm of nonsense poetry in the works of Lewis Carroll.  On this occasion we have selected material focusing on Father William, Jabberwocky  and the Walrus and the Carpenter.

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