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Other Worlds and Imaginary Beings

This  new  exhibition  open  in  the  Upper  Library at Christ Church aims  at  revealing  how  widespread pagan  and Christian  imagery about monsters and ethereal beings is. The exhibition will be opened by Professors Martin Kemp and Marina Warner.

Workshop on Early Printing


As From Scriptoria to the Printing Press, the Michaelmas 2013 exibition opened in the Upper Library, featured a fully functional 'one-pull press', we also offered a series of workshops on the history of early printing.

From Scriptoria to the Printing House

This exhibition, curated by Cristina Neagu, together with Rowena Archer and David Rundle, highlights the process of creating new books during the period of transition from manuscript to print.

Hunting for Dodos

This exhibition, curated by Janet McMullin and Cristina Neagu, invites the viewer to explore the realm of nonsense poetry in the works of Lewis Carroll.  On this occasion we have selected material focusing on Father William, Jabberwocky  and the Walrus and the Carpenter.

Past Perfect at the Cardinal's College

This exhibition, curated by Judith Curthoys, allows an insight into the often surprising contents of Christ Church archives. Apart from various versions and drafts of the Statutes, examination papers, documents related to the academic curriculum or the more light-hearted side of college life, Past Perfect at the Cardinal's College also introduces the viewer to a series of artefacts.

Engraved Gems Exhibition Opening

On the 16 January 2013 a new exhibition opened in the Library at Christ Church...

Engraved Gems and the Classical Tradition

Engraved GemsAlthough gems are modest in size, gem engraving was a major art in antiquity. From the Renaissance on Greek and Roman intaglios and cameos were collected, observed and copied. Scholars could learn about the appearance of gem subjects through publications, often initiated by their almost obsessive collectors, but also through the expanding production of impressions and casts of gems in a variety of materials.

Music at Christ Church - Collecting and Performance

Much of the music displayed in this exhibition was donated to Christ Church by Henry Aldrich (1648-1710), who was an undergraduate at this college, then a tutor, sub-dean, and finally dean.

Music Study Day at Christ Church

Music Study Day Poster

Celebrating the completion of the online Catalogue of the Music collection

On Friday 2 November 2012, 10:30am - 5:00pm

Christ Church Blue Boar Lecture Theatre

A Caucus Race and a Long Tale

An exhibition of photographs, books, sketches and other objects, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the boat trip which led to the publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

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