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ยป Lewis Carroll in Stories and Pictures

Lewis Carroll in Stories and Pictures

To accompany the performance of Crocodiles in Cream in the Cathedral, this exhibition shows Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson) as mathematician and logician, as photographer, poet and story-teller.

It includes examples of his mathematical and logical works, and his games for children, also some of his draft sketches for the manuscript of Alice’s Adventures Underground, which he gave to Alice Liddell.  Photographs of Dodgson and Alice and her family are displayed, together with various versions of the Mouse’s Tail (both straight and curly!)

The exhibition curated by Janet McMullin will be open in Christ Church Upper Library from 17 June 2011.
Visiting hours
Monday-Friday: 9.00 am -  5.00 pm
Saturday: 12.00 noon - 1.00 pm

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