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ยป Other Worlds and Imaginary Beings

Other Worlds and Imaginary Beings

This  new  exhibition  open  in  the  Upper  Library at Christ Church aims  at  revealing  how  widespread pagan  and Christian  imagery about monsters and ethereal beings is.

Among the exhibits on display will be manuscripts, early printed books and sketches by Lewis Carroll and Dean Liddell, as well as a drawing by John Tenniel and  some engravings  

A selection of drawings by Vice-Admiral Lord Mark Kerr (1778-1840) will   also  be  on  display  on  loan  from  the  private  collection  of Hector  McDonnell.  Lord  Mark’s  drawings of bizarre, otherworldly creatures  are  of  considerable  significance,  and  are  part  of   the foundations  from  which  modern  cartoon characters derive. They have  been very  largely ignored up to now, even though there are sets  in  various  important  public collections, including the British Library and the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Other Worlds and Imaginary Beings: From Medieval Illumination to 19th-Century Drawings will open at 5:15 pm on Monday, 27 January 2014. The introductory talks by Professors Martin Kemp and Marina Warner will be followed by a small reception in the Upper Library at Christ Church.

Visiting hours Monday - Friday: 9.30 am - 1.00 pm; 2.00 pm - 4.30 pm (provided there is a member of staff available in the Upper Library).   

A detailed illustrated catalogue is available for purchase from the Library.

Date of publication: January 2014
Publisher: Christ Church Library
ISBN: 978 1 872333 61 8
Bibliographic details: Paperback, 69 pages,
225x 150mm, 49 colour illustrations
Authors: Hector McDonnell, Cristina Neagu
Price: £5

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