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Armorial Bindings

L.E Bigot (On.6.7)
John Blythe (Wr.6.3 ~ back)John Blythe (Wr.6.3 ~ front)Wyndham (SF.5.7)Ardross (a.2.125 ~ front)Antwerp School prize (Z.H.1.3)John Bigot (AB.3.23)George Abbott (Allestree J.315)Ardross (a.2.125 ~ back)

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This page will be the location of an illustrated index of early armorial bindings in Christ Church Library. At present it contains only a handful of examples and readers should meanwhile consult the index of Christ Church armorial bindings compiled by Paul Morgan in the 1960s (now Christ Church MS. 560).

Abbot, George Archbishop of Canterbury, 1562-1633


Allestree J.3.15

a.2.125 (front & back)

Antwerp School prize

Bigot, John

Bigot, L.E. [18th century]

Blythe, John ca. 1634
Wr.6.3 (front & back); also Arch. Sup. F.2.2; ON.2.17

Heraldic description: On a chevron, a leopard's face between 3 wolves' heads erased. 
Dated 1626: SF.5.7; also dated 1625: G.2.5.1; Jb.1.16; Hyp.N.25; Hyp.O.6; AE.2.7
Hyp.N.112; Hyp.O.16; Hyp.L.64; Undated: OS.6.17 



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