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Special Collections

As well as the many early printed books and manuscripts, there are certain named special collections held at Christ Church. More information on them may be found on this page, including details of special conditions for access.

Lewis Carroll

Tom Driberg

John Evelyn 

Viscount Portal

The Lewis Carroll collection

Christ Church holds three distinct collections of material relating to Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson).  The collection which belongs to the college includes photographs, manuscripts and proof sheets, presentation copies, and a large number of editions of the “Alice” books in different languages with different illustrators, together with a mass of secondary material (biographies, books about various aspects of Carroll’s work, etc.).  The other two collections are held on deposit.  All three collections are available for the use of bona fide researchers upon application to the Library.  In the case of the collections held on deposit, permission to use extracts or reproduce images may have to be sought from the owners of the collections.

The three collections are currently being listed.  A spreadsheet of the college’s collection can be accessed here.  This is a work in progress and is not yet complete, but will be added to over the coming weeks and months.  The other collections will follow in due course.

 * * * Lewis Carroll Collection Catalogue (in progress)


The Tom Driberg papers

The papers of Tom Driberg, M.P. are held at Christ Church Library. Applications for access must be made to the Librarian in writing and must state the reason why access is desired. The Librarian has complete discretion to grant or refuse applications for access in the light of criteria laid down by the late Tom Driberg (Lord Bradwell). In particular, applicants must be engaged on historical research for an advanced degree at a recognised university, or on other specific historical or literary work.

Applicants for access to the papers must undertake to seek the consent of Lord Bradwell's literary executors before publishing extracts from or matter based upon documents in the Driberg Papers. Contact details :  Ms Georgia Glover, David Higham Associates, 5-8 Lower John Street, London, W1F 9HA.  Telephone 020 7434 5900


The John Evelyn collection

The library and manuscripts of John Evelyn, which were held at Christ Church on deposit from the Evelyn trustees, are no longer kept here. The printed books were sold by the trustees and dispersed in auction sales at Christies in 1977 and 1978. The majority of the manuscripts were sold by the trustees to the British Library in 1995, and the remainder, relating to the Wotton estate, are held at the Surrey History Centre. Please contact the Brtish Library or Surrey History Service for further information.


The Viscount Portal papers

Letters and memoranda exchanged during the war, both between Viscount Portal, Churchill and the principal RAF commanders. This collection presents those wartime papers which Portal had collated and subsequently bequeathed to his former college in Oxford. For details about the Portal archives at Christ Church, please click here.


The Salisbury papers

This collection, which was on deposit at Christ Church, returned to Hatfield House in 1975. Those wishing to use the papers should write to:

Librarian and Archivist to the Marquess of Salisbury
Hatfield House
Hatfield, AL9 5NQ


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