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Michaelmas 2008

This issue

♦ Book Collections, Private Homes
♦ Thomas Roberts' Navigation Instruments
♦ Notes on the Orrery Collection (2)
♦ Reading Copernicus
♦ The Archbishop as a Schoolboy
♦ Wren and the Greatest Jigsaw Puzzle
♦ Letters to the Editor
♦ Hans Sloane Printed Books Project



Trinity 2008

This issue

♦ The Unusual History of the 1564 Torah Scrolls
♦ Western Manuscripts Catalogue Online
♦ The Case of the Lost Torah
♦ Tremellius & the Morris Collection
♦ Documenting Oxford's Jewish History
♦ Profession: Archbishop's Wife
♦ Archbishop Wake and All Souls
♦ EEB Microfilm Project at Christ Church



Hilary 2008

This issue

♦ Hearing Morley's Puzzles
♦ Dating Wolsey's Lectionaries
♦ Projects and Collaborations - ESTC
♦ The Case of the Missing Title Page
♦ Notes on the Orrery Collection
♦ Renaissance Editors
♦ New Books in the Lewis Carol Collection




Michaelmas 2007

This issue

♦ Commemorating W.H. Auden
♦ Pressing Matters
♦ Missing - One Archive
♦ W.C. Cotton and Lewis Carroll
♦ Preovenance Research and the EPB Project
♦ Exhibitions: Famous Scores Revisited





Trinity 2007

This issue

♦ Hymn books & the harmony of the spheres
♦ Fresh ideas about MS 92
♦ Online catalogues & the music collection
♦ Locke Stock
♦ Job Hunting in the 18th century
♦ Exhibitions: Musical Rites




Hilary 2007

This issue

♦ Filming in the Upper Library
♦ An Exciting New Discovery
♦ Contributions to 'A Portrait of the House'
♦ Update on the Early Printed Books Project
♦ Bestsellers of the Middle Ages
♦ Exhibitions: Prayers in Canonical Time




Michaelmas 2006

This issue

♦ Culture in Pieces
♦ Cataloguing the Music Collection
♦ Exhibitions in the Upper Library
♦ Papyri in 'Waste Paper City'
♦ Update on the Early Printed Books Project
♦ Exhibitions: Culture in Pieces




Trinity 2006

This issue

♦ Redecoration of the Upper Library in 1964-5
♦ News from the Archive
♦ Sorting out Letters in the "Alice Collection"
♦ A Book from John Dee's Library
♦ Introducing VTLS Virtua
♦ Exhibitions: Astraea ~ Queen Elizabeth I at Christ Church




Hilary 2006

This Issue

Antiquarian cataloguing & the EPB

Personal scanning in the Bodleian

Old College plans & drawings

Embossed bindings in the Wake collection

Google digitisation project

Library news

What’s on – Exhibitions

- Looking at the Heavens : Books on astronomy



Michaelmas 2005

This Issue

Welcome to new readers

Library donation

Update on OLIS

Brief guide to searching the catalogues

Summer schools in the Library

An unusual incunable

Library news


What’s on – Exhibitions

- The Finest Library : Architectural drawings

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