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Photographs and Reproduction Rights

Ordering photographs

To order photographs of materials held at Christ Church Library, please contact the library staff. We will need to know what the photograph is to be used for. If you need large numbers of photographs for private study, then microfilm may be the cheapest option. Please note that a large proportion of our manuscript and music holdings are available commercially. These should be ordered direct from the publisher rather than through the library. Alternatively we can supply limited numbers of paper prints from microfilm. The library reserves the right to refuse to supply photographs for any reason. Most frequently this is in cases where the original object is too fragile to be subjected to photographic work.

Reproduction Rights

Photographs of Christ Church Library materials are supplied for private research and study only, and in all cases Christ Church retains the copyright and any Publication Right in the photographs. If you wish to reproduce a photograph in any form, you will need to apply for permission, and a fee will usually be payable. Permission is not granted automatically, and applications must be made before the material has been published.

To apply for permission to reproduce images, please download and print a copy of the appropriate form from the options below, and return it to us by email attachment or post. If you are unsure of any details, for example the shelfmarks of the items, please check with the library before returning the form. Note that electronic publication refers to CD-ROM, DVD, local networks and/or limited-access internet sites only. We do not currently grant permission to reproduce our images on internet sites without password or other protection.

Please, credit copyright to the Governing Body of Christ Church, Oxford.

IMAGING SERVICES PRICES (excluding postage & VAT)

JPEGS (size 72 dpi)
1-10 images ordered: £5.00 each (supplied via email)
11-50+ images ordered: £3.00 each (supplied by post on CD)

LARGE JPEGS / SMALL TIFFS (size 300 dpi)
£10.00 each (supplied by post on CD)

LARGE TIFFS (suitable for publication)
£20.00 (Supplied by post on CD)



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Application form for non-electronic reproduction [pdf]56.76 KB

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