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List of Manuscripts

MS 87.  Missal, Use of Sarum.  England, s. xv in.  ? St Botolph's without Aldgate, London.

MS 88.  Augustine, Homilies on John.  Buildwas, 1167.  Buildwas (Salop., OCist).

MS 89.  Ranulph Higden, Polychronicon.  England, s. xv in.

MS 90.  Commentary on Daniel.  England, s. xv3/4.  Crediton (Devon) collegiate church.

MS 91.  Religious miscellany: Nicholas of Aquavilla, sermons; Vitæ patrum; ps.-Augustine, etc.  England, ss. xiii med. and xv med.-xv3/4, with additions.  Crediton (Devon) collegiate church.

MS 92.  Walter de Milemete, De notabilitatibus, sapientiis et prudentiis regum.  London, 1326 x 1327.

MS 93.  Hours of St. Denis.  France, s. xv ex. (1484 x 1500).

MS 94.  Hours of the Virgin, Use of Rome.  France, s. xv2.

MS 95.  Pauline epistles, glossed.  England, s. xii in.

MS 97.  Rupert of Deutz, De divinis officiis.  England, s. xii/xiii.  St Albans (OSB).

MS 98.  Psalter.  Northern France (probably St Omer), s. xiii ex.

MS 99.  Historical miscellany: Geoffrey of Monmouth, Martin of Troppau, Bede, etc.  England, ss. xiii in.-xiv2/4.

MS 100.  Hours of the Virgin, Use of Rome and prayers.  France, s. xv ex.

MS 101.  Epistolary for Thomas, Cardinal Wolsey.  London by the Flemish scribe Peter Meghen, 1528.

MS 102.  Register of writs.  England, s. xv1.

MS 103.  Statutes of England; Hengham and other legal tracts; register of writs.  England, s. xiii/xiv, with additions.

MS 104.  Johannes de Platea, commentary on Justinian, Institutes.  England, s. xv2.

MS 105.  Vulgate Bible with Stephen Langton's Hebrew Names.  England (Oxford?), s. xiii med. and ex.

MS 106.  Vulgate Bible.  England, s. xiii ex.

MS 107.  Vulgate Bible, with Stephen Langton's Hebrew Names.  England, s. xiii in.

MS 108.  Vulgate Bible, with Jerome's Interpretationes nominum Hebreicorum.  England, s. xiii2.

MS 109.  Vulgate Bible, with Stephen Langton's Hebrew Names.  ? France (perhaps England), s. xiii med. or xiii2.

MS 110.  Vulgate Bible, with Stephen Langton's Hebrew Names.  England, s. xiii ex.

MS 111.  Vulgate Bible.  England or France, s. xiii2.

MS 113.  Virgil, Æneid.  Italy (? Ferrara), 1456.

MS 114.  Virgil, Eclogues and Georgics.  Italy (? Ferrara), s. xv med. [1456].

MS 115.  Peter Damian, 'Dominus vobiscum'; ps.-Augustine, 'De libero arbitrio'; Bede, De tabernaculo.  St Albans, s. xii in.  St Albans (OSB).

MS 121.  Gesta Romanorum.  England, s. xv2/4.

MS 122.  Henry of Merseburg, Summa on Extra.  England, s. xiii med.

MS 123.  Register of writs.  England, s. xiv in.

MS 138.  Nicholas Cantilupe, Historiola, and associated documents concerning the University of Cambridge.  England, s. xv3/4.

MS 145.  Wycliffite Bible, early version.  England, s. xv in.

MS 146.  Wycliffite New Testament, later version.  England, s. xv in.

MS 147.  Wycliffite Pauline epistles (Galatians-Hebrews), later version.  England, s. xv in.

MS 148.  John Gower, Confessio amantis.  London, s. xv in. (after 1405).

MS 151.  John Walton, verse translation of Boethius, Consolation.  England, s. xv2.

MS 152.  Geoffrey Chaucer, Canterbury Tales; John Lydgate, 'The Churl and the Bird' and Siege of Thebes.  England, s. xv med. and s. xv3/4.

MS 153.  John Lydgate, Troy Book.  England, s. xv3/4.

MS 178.  French New Testament, 'version du xiiie siècle'.  France (Paris?), s. xiii ex.

MS 179.  Ordinances of the Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception.  London by a French scribe, 1503 and 1503 x 1517.

MS 183 (flyleaves).  Compilatio antiqua prima.  England, s. xiii in.

MS 338 (now Muniment Room D&C vi.c.2).  Statutes of Cardinal College, Ipswich.  England (Westminster ?), 1528.

MS 339.  Statutes of Cardinal College, Oxford.  Westminster, 1525.

MS 340 (now Muniment Room D&C vi.c.1).  Cartulary of St Frideswide's.  Oxford, s. xv in.

MS 341 (now Muniment Room D&C vi.a.2).  Cartulary of Eynsham.  Eynsham, c. 1196/7 (fols. 7-45v), with extensive additions, ss. xiii-xv.

MS 342.  Cartulary of Eynsham.  Eynsham, s. xiv ex., with additions to s. xvi in.

MS 343 (now Muniment Room D&C vi.a.1) + British Library, MS Cotton Vitellius E.xv, fol. 275.  Cartulary of Oseney.  Oseney, s. xiii2, perhaps 1280 x 1284.

MS 372.  Indenture: Oxford, c. 1525/6.

MS 378.  'The Book of Orts': miscellaneous binding fragments removed from College books.

MS 417.  Thomas Vicary, The Anatomy of Man's Body.  London, s. xvi1 (perhaps after 1530).

MS 507.  Ovid, Heroides.  Italy (the Veneto), s. xiv med.

MS 508.  Ovid, Tristia.  Italy, s. xv med.

MS 65x.  Missal, probably Use of Rome.  Northwest Italy, s. xv.


Allestree Library

MS F.1.1.  Bernard of Clairvaux, Sermons.  England, s. xii ex.

MS L.4.1.  Oon of Foure.  England, s. xiv/xv.

MS M.1.10.  Augustine, four works.  England, s. xii med.


Miscellaneous fragments

Books now alienated

London, British Library, MS Cotton Vespasian E.iii.  Annals of Burton Abbey, religious miscellany.  Burton-on-Trent ?, s. xiii med.-ex. (the opening section after 1262) and s. xii med., with additions.  Burton-on-Trent (OSB).

London, Westminster Abbey, MS 1.  Hebrew Pentateuch, with Latin additions.  England, s. xiii, the additions s. xiii ex.

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