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» Ordinances of the Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception.

Ordinances of the Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception.

MS Number: 
MS 179
London by a French scribe, 1503 and 1503 x 1517.

MS 179, fol.1v

MS 179, fol.2

MS 179, fol.2v

MS 179, fol.7

Vellum (HSOS).  Fols 7.  Overall 331 mm x 245 mm (writing area 211 mm x 153 mm).  In long lines, 33 lines to the page (excepting fol. 2r which has 32).  Prickings; bounded and ruled in red ink.  Written in French bastard secretary (lettre bâtarde), probably one scribe for item 1 and a second for the remainder (item 3 perhaps a third hand) [see Update].  Punctuation by point, punctus elevatus, and virgula, occasional double point on fol. 2r-v, point only thereafter.  The MS appears as Watson, DMO, no. 764 (1:126), on the basis that the first six leaves must date from the foundation of the fraternity in 1503; the final one, however, may have been added as late as 1517. For detailed descriptions, please see attachments.

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G.W. Kitchin, Catalogus codicum Ædis Christi (1867), pp.55-561.64 MB

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