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Western Manuscripts

As part of the Library’s mission to make its riches as widely available as possible to a scholarly and broader public, this page provides access to a wealth of information about Christ Church’s medieval and sixteenth-century manuscripts.

It has been a cherished project of the Library to provide a modern catalogue of its manuscripts to replace the brief descriptions produced by Kitchin in the mid-nineteenth century. The new catalogue of the medieval manuscripts was first entrusted to Dr Jeremy Griffiths before his sad and untimely death in 1997. Christ Church was fortunate to secure the services of Prof. Ralph Hanna to complete the work and he submitted drafts in 2007, which were mounted on-line the following year. In moving the catalogue closer to final hard-copy publication, Christ Church decided not only to have the descriptions updated but also to expand the catalogue. The expansion involved providing more detailed information about some of the medieval manuscripts, specifically the Bibles and the cartularies held by Christ Church, and also extending its remit by including manuscripts up to c. 1600. For this last stage of work, Christ Church has been assisted by Dr David Rundle.

What is now being provided on-line is a set of files for each of the relevant manuscripts. These include a set of images, Prof. Hanna’s original draft description (where appropriate), and the updated description as submitted by Dr Rundle. The copyright of all these files resides with Christ Church. Requests to reproduce, as well as any queries, should be directed to Dr Cristina Neagu (

Missal, Use of Sarum.

MS Number: 
MS 87
England, s. xv in. ? St Botolph's without Aldgate, London.

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