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The Christ Church Annual Mathematics Lecture and Dinner will be held on Friday 18 February from 5pm. We are very pleased to announce that Professor Nick Trefethen FRS, Professor of Numerical Analysis and President of SIAM, will be giving the lecture - he will be talking about "Four bugs on a rectangle". All Alumni are extremely welcome - please contact Dr Chris Breward ( for more information.


A dinner was held at Christ Church on 18th September 2010 to mark the retirement of Professor Mike Vaughan-Lee. For more information, including the brochure we produced for the dinner and the answers to the problems in it, see here. 

Two famous mathematical alumni of Christ Church are  Robert Hooke and Lewis Carroll (the pen name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson).  Hooke was really a natural philosopher, as scientists were called at the time, and his name lives on in Hooke's law in elasticity. Carroll/Dodgson was a genuine mathematician with a particular interest in logic. He is, of course, now remembered chiefly for his books Alice in Wonderland and Alice through the Looking Glass, which have given the English language a number of familiar phrases and quotations.



Robert Hooke                                        Lewis Carroll



Here is a picture of the 1993-1996 year group after their Finals Dinner (which was actually a lunch):

 Left to right: John Wlder, Philip Trevelyan, Derek Ong, Duncan Williams, Michael Vaughan-Lee, Hilary Davidson, Kathryn Becket, Adam Michaels, Sam Howison.

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