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ยป Professor J. Maitland Wright

Professor J. Maitland Wright


Maitland Wright has spent most of the last twenty years as a full-time researcher in Functional Analysis. Since 1989 he has been a Non-Stipendiary Lecturer at Christ Church and is also a (part-time) Research Professor at the University of Aberdeen. At 23 he was appointed to a Junior Lectureship at Christ Church.; at 26 he became a Fellow of another college; at 28 he was appointed to a professorship at another university.

He won the Senior Mathematical Prize and Johnson Prize at Oxford.  He has published over 120 papers in the research journals. Highlights include a solution of the Mackey-Gleason Problem (with L.J. Bunce) and a classification of “small” monotone complete algebras of operators on Hilbert space. Wright is a Scotsman and Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.  He gives tutorials in Functional Analysis when requested by the Mathematics Tutors. As a member of the Mathematics Team, he has been involved in Entrance Interviews for many years.


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