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Professor Sam Howison

I am one of the applied mathematics tutors at Christ Church. My mathematical interests are in the applications of differential equations, and increasingly in applications of probability, especially to models in finance. I've written research papers on topics including the calculation of splash jets generated by a bellyflop, the mathematics of colour vision, flow of oil and water through porous rock, and the pricing of options in financial markets.



In 2007 I served on a panel which assessed the quality of applied mathematics research in all the UK universities. I read a vast amount of research on all sorts of topics and the picture shows me and my pile of reading before it all went off to the shredder.







I like climbing mountains and this picture shows me on top of Maol Chean Dearg where the wind was so strong that we devised a new scale, the Leki scale, to measure wind speed using the angle between our trekkingf poles and the vertical It's described in this article.(pdf file).



Here are some random links:

My (slightly more official) department webpage.

My most notorious publication, "If I remember rightly, cos(pi/2)=1".

The rest of my publications, including seveal books and a lot of research papers.

Theorem of the day: lucky dip.

David Mackay's brilliant book Sustainable Energy without the Hot Air

The truth behind the famous attempt to make pi legally equal to 4











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