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ยป ChCh Grad wins $100m backing

ChCh Grad wins $100m backing

A Christ Church graduate student has been offered $100m by a pair of investors to develop a project which he presented at the Oxford Idea Idol event. Thomas Whitfield presented his idea at the event held by Oxford Entrepreneurs at Said Business School. Two of the judges were so impressed by his idea that they offered him unlimited access to their $100m Bright Station Ventures entrepreneurial fund...





Whitfield described the concept of ‘Design for Time’ as "basically a website where, for $1 a minute, people can buy moments in time and can display special moments of their lives for eternity, like their first kiss or the moment they won Idea Idol. It came about from just sitting around and brainstorming but we never thought something like this would happen,” he said. Judges on the panel praised Whitfield’s idea and suggested that it would be highly successful.

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