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ยป Herodotus Research Award

Herodotus Research Award

Classics tutor Elton Barker has been awarded £66,724 from the Arts & Humanities Research Council as Principal Investigator on a two-year project entitled ‘Network, relation, flow: imaginations of space in Herodotus’ History’. Project HESTIA (the Herodotus Encoded Space-Text-Imaging Archive) will examine the ways in which Herodotus’ narrative embodies a potentially innovative representation of space, producing a series of maps tracing the shifting relationships between places over time and focalised through the different horizons of the historical actors. Team HESTIA comprises of former Christ Church JRF Stefan Buzar, now of the University of Birmingham, Regius Professor of Greek, Christopher Pelling, also of Christ Church, and Leif Isaksen, of the University of Southampton. Elton says that "It is thanks to the unique intellectual environment afforded by the Christ Church SCR that this radical interdisciplinary project has been able to take place".

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