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ยป Cafe Obaasan

Cafe Obaasan

The Christ Church Garden Play this year was an outstanding performance from our partners at Oval House Theatre, in London, of Cafe Obaasan.

Cafe Obaasan was performed on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th of June in the Cathedral Garden at Christ Church and we were delighted to welcome Director Tuan Ly and his cast and to celebrate our close association with Oval House through the production, which was hosted by Junior Common Room Arts Reps. The photographs above show scenes from the rehearsal and the Saturday performance.

Oval House’s introduction to Cafe Obaasan says, Welcome to Madame Baba's café. It’s a place where long lost dreams and forgotten hopes return to find rest. Gather around characters and figures, who will share their secret tales, entice you to look into their glassy eyes, and give you a taste of their past. In Baba’s café, the beautiful and free mingle with the horrible and sad. Intoxicating visions melt into reality and silent voices sing again. Spend an evening fuelled by visual-physical theatre, immersive storytelling, crawling objects and twisted bodies.

Oval House is a lively theatre and arts centre based on the Kennington Oval right opposite the famous cricket ground. To find out more about their exciting and groundbreaking work go to:

Photographs: Ralph Williamson

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