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ยป Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival

Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival

Photo: RWChrist Church is once again hosting the Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival which runs from Saturday 2nd to Sunday 10th April, and offers a wonderful range of talks, discussions, debates, readings, Literary Lunches and Dinners.

Based at Christ Church (described by the Festival website as the most magnificent and architecturally imposing of all the Oxford Colleges) the 2011 Festival is also using Corpus Christi and Merton Colleges, the Sheldonian Theatre, the Bodleian Library and other prestigious venues.

The Festival reflects the great literary traditions of The University of Oxford, and its historic Colleges, as well as the contemporary reputation of its Departments and Institutes in every field of scholarship. Novelists, biographers, historians, poets, critics, politicians, soldiers, public servants, scientists, and medics will be joined by artists, philosophers, theologians, architects, engineers, botanists, environmentalists and children's writers.

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