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ยป Summer Eights 2012

Summer Eights 2012

Summer Eights took place on the Isis last week, May 23 - 26th 2012, and culminated in a tremendous day down at the river on Saturday, with record numbers of supporters outside the boathouses, encouraged by the wonderful weather. 

Christ Church Boat Club fielded four mens and two womens teams this year. Overall it was a very succesful week for Christ Church, although the finely balanced skills in the fastest boats meant that there was no movement at the top of Division One, with the top five men's boats all remaining in identical positions all week and Christ Church's M1 retaining third position.

Christ Church's M2 crew had an outstanding week, and were aiming for blades on Saturday but were thwarted by the race being stopped due to a first aid issue. They were very disappointed but finished 8th in Division 2, up three places, and are easily the highest ranking second eight. The M3 boat moved up two places and ended at the top of Division five, the highest ranking mens third boat of any college. M4 in division seven had a mixed week, falling two places before rallying with a bump on Saturday, to end in seventh place.

The Women's 1st eight, with two returning Blues, began at ninth place in the first division and moved up two places, while the womenn's second boat dropped one place to finish eighth in Division 3. We congratulate all our rowers and thank our sponsors for another outstanding year.


Wednesday 23rd:
M1 held their position in third while W1 held their 9th position.
M2 and M3 both bumped to gain a place.
M4 and W2 were both bumped.

Thursday 24th:
M1 again held their position behind Pembroke
M2 bumped Peter's I and W1 bumped Osler I
M3 and W2 rowed over
M4 was bumped by Brasenose III

Friday 25th:
M1 rowed over to maintain third position
W1 bumped Univ while M2 bumped Jesus
M3, M4, and W2 all rowed over



Men's 1st 8+
Bow Thomas Smith 2 Nicholas Hazell 3 Nicholas O'Neill 4 Geordie Macleod 5 Meelis Lootus 6 Alexander Davidson 7 Andrew Webb Stroke Hanno Wienhausen Cox Elizabeth Maybank Coach James Armitage

Women's 1st 8+
Bow Elizabeth Raine 2 Melanie Beer 3 Anna Carlqvist 4 Laura Shepherd 5 Hannah Barrett 6 Ellie Darlington
7 Zoe Cooper Sutton Stroke Susana Hancock Cox Sonya Milanova Coach James Armitage

Men's 2nd 8+
Bow Nathan Lamb 2 Joshua Sexton 3 Matthias Schmidt 4 Nichols Silbersack 5 Matthias Beestermoeller 6 Jeremy Turner 7 Thomas Hine Stroke Giles Prentice Cox Matthew Maton-howarth Coach Helen Popescu

Women's 2nd 8+
Bow Kirsty Harrison 2 Dhruvi Shah 3 Jessica Kapustiak 4 Fiona Bushell 5 Soojean Choi 6 Naomi Holland 7 Clara Tiphine Stroke Sara Turner Cox Alexandra Rollings Coach James Armitage

Men's 3rd 8+
Bow Ely Sandler 2 Jack Wightman 3 Alexander Thompson 4 Daniel James 5 Alexander Chajecki 6 Weeliem Seah 7 George Huntley Stroke Robert Moore Cox Hannah Keenan Coach Helen Popescu

Men's 4th 8+
Bow Filip Ostrowski 2 Graham Gannon 3 Jack Alexander-webber 4 Oliver Gleeson 5 Michael Tee 6 Christopher Haasen 7 Kieran Rogan Stroke Thomas Lewin Cox Kate Pope Coach Meelis Lootus, Matt Maton-Howarth

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