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ยป ARC Cathedral Welcomers 2013

ARC Cathedral Welcomers 2013

ARC 2013

Five young adults from across Europe are working in the cathedral during July 2013, offering guided tours in a range of languages. Eva Calvo Ruiz (Spain), Pauline Venegas (France), Costanza Vascotto (Italy), Elizabeth Johnson (England) and Jeanine van den Bosch (Netherlands) are giving free guided tours of the cathedral in Italian, Spanish, French and Dutch. They are part of a project called ARC: ACCUEIL • RENCONTRE • COMMUNAUTÉ, (‘Welcome’, ‘Encounter’ and ‘Community’).

ARC is an ecumenical Christian charity which runs twenty projects in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK each summer. We are delighted to have ARC volunteers with us again this year and are very grateful to Eva, Pauline, Constanza, Elizabeth and Jeanine for making such an important contribution to the welcome we offer our visitors. 


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