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ยป New World Electric Land Speed Record

New World Electric Land Speed Record

Photo: Drason RacingThe Energy & Power Group (EPG) in the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford, led by Christ Church Tutor Dr Malcolm McCulloch (Click here for more information),  developed the YASA engine responsible for a new World Electric Land Speed Record of 204.185mph. Lord Paul Drayson for Drayson Racing set the record for a sub-1000kg electric car in his converted Le Mans racer at Elvington airfield, on 25th of June 2013.

YASA Motors worked with Drayson racing to develop a bespoke 850bhp powertrain for the vehicle, which consists of 4 specially adapted YASA-750H motors.

Dr McCulloch's Energy & Power Group undertakes computational and experimental sustainable energy research with particular focus on smart energy systems, energy storage, transport and electrical machines (see here:

For more information and film of the record breaking runs see here:


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