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ยป Professor Harry Anderson elected FRS

Professor Harry Anderson elected FRS

Professor Harry Anderson FRS

Professor Harry Anderson has been elected to the Fellowship of The Royal Society. Harry studied chemistry at Christ Church, Oxford, graduating in 1987. He went on to study at the University of Cambridge, and received his doctoral degree in 1990. He started his independent research as a research fellow at Magdalene College, Cambridge in 1990-1993, and conducted his research in 1993-1994 as SERC postdoctoral research fellow at ETH-Zürich, Switzerland. He returned to University of Oxford in 1994 as university lecturer in organic chemistry and tutor at Keble College. In 2004, he became Professor of Chemistry of the University of Oxford. 

The Royal Society wrote that "Harry Anderson is known internationally for his insightfulcontributions to the design and synthesis of supramolecular materials and molecular wires. He has introduced new concepts for molecular design, and ground-breaking approaches to template-directed synthesis, leading to materials with unprecedented electronic and nonlinear optical characteristics. He has pioneered the investigation of conjugated porphyrin oligomers, encapsulated pi-systems, nanorings and two-photon absorbing dyes, and he has worked closely with physicists and photobiologists to understand the relationship between molecular structure and function. His work has resulted in profound insights into the factors controlling long-range electronic coupling and charge-transport in supramolecular systems"

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