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ยป Fairtrade Status

Fairtrade Status

FairtradeWe are delighted that Christ Church has been awarded Fairtrade status, recognising our commitment to supporting and using Fairtrade products.

In order to attain the status, we worked with representatives from all areas of Christ Church, including catering staff, Cathedral Canons and members of both the JCR and GCR. Over the past two years we have introduced Fairtrade products all around College. In Hall we now serve Fairtrade orange juice, coffee, bananas and rice among other items. Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar are also given to conference guests in their rooms, as well as being served at meetings around Christ Church.

Alongside this, we have been campaigning for awareness of Fairtrade within the undergraduate body, by holding Fairtrade teas and handing out information about what Fairtrade means.

Fairtrade status is an ongoing commitment, and my successor will continue to encourage support for Fairtrade in preparation for renewal of our status next February.

Picture shows Christ Church student Erin 'pidging' Fairtrade information flyers.

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