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ยป Kate Bennett and the tiny Inigo Jones church

Kate Bennett and the tiny Inigo Jones church

Hale Church, Photo:Buildingconservation.comResearch by Christ Church academic Kate Bennett has confirmed that a tiny church in Hampshire is the work of Inigo Jones. Dr Bennett writes:

"It's often been observed that the tiny and exquisite church of St Mary's, Hale, in Hampshire, resembles Inigo Jones's church of St Paul's, Covent Garden which was built the same year, 1631, but there has never been any proof. I discovered a paper in the Bodleian Library which contains a copy of verses made by the poet Hugh Holland, one of the circle which included Jones, Jonson, and John Donne, and author of verses before the Shakespeare First Folio. These verses dedicate the church to the Virgin Mary and declare it to have been built by the "prince of Architecture", Inigo Jones. The paper is in the hand of the son of the man who paid for the church to be rebuilt. This in its turn makes it even more likely that sketches in Worcester College Library of a "lodge in the park" at Hale, by John Webb, were also built".

Click on the link below to download the article 'Eureka! Keeping up with Jones', Country Life, 208 (12 Feb. 2014), pp. 64-6.

Photo above: St Mary's, Hale, Hampshire -

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