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ยป Paxman begins WW1 Anniversary Lectures

Paxman begins WW1 Anniversary Lectures

On Tuesday 21st of January, Jeremy Paxman gave the first of a series of lectures at Christ Church exploring the First World War. The Blue Boar Lecture Theatre and overflow seating were full to capacity long before the start of the lecture and many people were disappointed not to be able to get in.

Jeremy Paxman WW1 Lecture

Jeremy Paxman with Professor Nigel Bigger

2014 marks the one hundredth anniversary of the First World War, whose war dead still cascade down the north wall of the entrance to Christ Church Cathedral, and which continues to haunt the imagination of contemporary Britons, shaping our views of armed force, of authority, and of patriotism.

With a view to encouraging and informing reflection, the McDonald Centre in association with Christ Church Cathedral is hosting the following series of public lectures during Hilary Term.


Tuesdays at 5:00–6:30pm - Blue Boar Lecture Theatre - Christ Church, Oxford

21 January

Jeremy Paxman, Great Britain’s Great War

28 January

Margaret MacMillan, Accident or Choice? The Outbreak of the First World War

4 February

Gary Sheffield, Victorious Donkeys? British Generals and Generalship of the First World War Reconsidered

11 February

Nigel Biggar, 1914–1918: Was Britain Right to Fight?

18 February

Matthew Grimley, The War and English Religion

25 February

Holger Afflerbach, “If you do not want to see God’s hand in everything, even in the most unbearable, you are lost.” Experiencing the First World War Alongside Kaiser Wilhelm II

Download the Lecture series poster below:
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