Professor David Stuckler

Professor of Political Economy and Sociology, Senior Associate Research Fellow (ChCh)


MPH (Yale University), PhD (Cambridge University), HonMFPH


Foreign Policy Top 100 Global Thinkers 2013

Academic background

BS, University of Texas at Arlington
MPH, Yale University
PhD, Cambridge University

Undergraduate teaching

Statistical methods.

Research Interests

My research integrates political economy and public health. Currently I am focusing on three areas of population health and development: 1) Macro-social and -economic determinants of health, 2) Political economy of global health and development, and 3) Comparative social welfare.

I use data and modelling to address complex questions including: Will the ongoing financial crisis make us sick? Is global health aid reaching the world's poorest and most vulnerable groups? Why did so many Russian men die during the transition to capitalism in the early 1990s? Does investing in social welfare improve health? Why are HIV and tuberculosis so difficult to stop in sub-Saharan Africa? How can health systems provide affordable care for everyone?     

Publications include:


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Twitter: @davidstuckler