Resources for students and teachers

In recognition of the fact that it isn't always possible for students and teachers to attend our access events, we've created a series of resources which students can work through themselves, or alternatively can be used within school for teacher-led sessions. These can be downloaded as pdfs to the right. And we’ve created some videos to help applicants prepare their personal statement, and with sample extracts from admissions interviews.

Post-16 Choices

This resource explores post-16 options, and is suitable for students in years 9-11.

Course Choice

This resource explores university options, and is suitable for students in key stages 4 and 5.


This resource helps students think of ways to explore their academic interests beyond the curriculum. Suitable for all year groups.

Personal Statements

This resource is a step-by-step guide to planning personal statements. Suitable for key stage 5.

Interviews and Tests

This resource gives students advice on preparing for interviews and admissions tests. Suitable for key stage 5.


Poster tackling some of the common misconceptions about Oxford.

Mock Interviews

This is a resource for teachers to help in planning mock interviews for Oxbridge candidates.

And of course check our videos of sample interviews!’