Economics and Management: a student's view

I’m Alex, a first year E&Mer here at Christ Church. I had known for a while before I applied that I wanted to study Economics, but I had no experience of Management or, indeed, any idea of what it really involved! In hindsight, I got lucky: the course is fantastic for those who (like me) enjoy both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of their work. On the Economics side, there is an emphasis on ‘textbook’ learning, frequently using maths. Management involves researching the week’s topic through books and academic papers, before writing an essay.

All of this is, of course, supported by both lectures and tutorials. We have some fantastic lecturers, including Sir John Vickers, former chair of the Independent Commission on Banking. Also, on a college level, our tutors are excellent. This year, I have Dr Jacinta Pires and Professor Richard Barker, both of whom are fantastic to learn from. Richard won the Oxford University Student Union award for “Most Acclaimed Lecturer in the Social Sciences” in 2013, as well as winning multiple awards for teaching while he was working at Cambridge University.

A typical day for me usually involves getting up at around 9am, with the earliest lectures of the week starting at 10am (although 11am is more common). After that I have lunch with friends, either in the Christ Church Hall or outside college, before working in the afternoon. The workload for E&M can usually be dealt with pretty easily as long as you’re organised. In the evenings I have dinner in Hall, where you get a three-course meal seven days a week for just £2.25 a day (this is the sole reason I applied to Christ Church). I’ll then either hang out with friends, attend a society or go to one of Oxford’s various clubs.

I had an absolutely fabulous time in my first term at Oxford. The eight weeks seemed to fly by, but looking back, I’m amazed how much I managed to fit in. The best thing about the whole experience, though, is the wonderful people you’ll meet here. After I left for the Christmas break, I just couldn’t wait to be back.

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