2018 - China goes Critical

2018 China Goes Critical by Barnaby PowellBarnaby Powell (1962, Law) with co-author Alex Mackinnon has published his third book on China, 2018 - China goes Critical. This demonstrates the historical waves of chaos that continue to shape modern China - from Sun Yatsen's Revolution to the Bo Xilai Affair - and considers the scale of challenges facing the new Communist Party leadership.

Using game theory and key performance indicators derived from cultural patterns of behaviour, Powell and Macmillan show that President Xi has only five years to balance people's expectations with domestic reforms. By 2018 a critical phase transition is due - only a traditional mandate from the people may prevent further revolution.

Available as an Ebook on Amazon Kindle.

Previous publications: China Calling: a foot in the global door (2008) and China Counting: how the West was lost (2010), both published by Palgrave Macmillan and both available on Amazon in hardback and Ebook.