Alumni and Supporters Promise

Our Promise to you

Here are our core principles for the lifelong College community.    

Since its founding in 1525, successive generations of Christ Church students have been sustained by the generosity of alumni and friends. Today’s members of College are grateful for that legacy and continued generosity. 

From the moment students matriculate, a scholar becomes a Fellow, or a visiting student leaves the House, they are lifelong members.  This foundational association has concrete benefits for the individual (1) and for the College, maintaining a unique community across the generations. Individual alumni may become more or less involved with College throughout the years and are always welcome at Christ Church

  1. Alumni membership status is a right of those who matriculated at Christ Church and its benefits are subject only to College and University statutes (2) and applicable law.  
  2. The College relies on all the many alumni and others who have chosen to support the present and future generations through acts of generosity including financial support.  
  3. Alumni and friends rely on the College to be good and faithful stewards of the alumni relationship and of their financial support for Christ Church and its community.
  4. We maintain contact and share information about Christ Church with as many alumni as possible and greatly welcome their engagement with the College; we will always respect the wishes of any alumni who wish to expand or limit communications by type or means.

We promise you:

  • We will be faithful stewards of the alumni relationship.  You are always welcome in College.
  • We welcome advice on how to improve and evolve the alumni and College community.  If you have a question we will do our best to answer it. You may reach us on +44-1865 286325  or at
  • We will use your gift for its requested purpose and no nother except with your explicit agreement.  We will tell you about how your donations are used and demonstrate the positive impact of your support on College via regular communications such as our annual publications.
  • We will always say thank you and be grateful for any gift (3and recognise your support (including anonymously if you wish).
  • We will handle your personal information with care and confidentiality, processing it in accordance with the Data Protection Act, the General Data Protection Regulation, and all other applicable laws to support the College mission, related events, fundraising, sharing news, volunteering, and networking activities.  
  • We will only contact you in the way you want us to – you may change your preferences by calling us on +44-1865 286325 , on our website, or by emailing us at
  • If you have any complaint about our handling of a data or fundraising matter you may reach us on +44-1865 286325 or at  We will acknowledge receipt of a complaint, investigate, and inform you of the result as soon as possible thereafter
  • We will be honest, clear, open, respectful, fair, reasonable, responsible, and accountable.

We are committed to best practice when engaging with all alumni, current members, parents and friends of the College.  This applies to in-person contact, communications, data handling, fundraising, and financial management. As a registered charity we are regulated by the Charity Commission for England and Wales; in education and teaching matters by the Department for Education and by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and the Office for Students; and in handling data by the Information Commissioner’s Office.  In fundraising we adhere to all applicable laws in the relevant jurisdictions

Registered Charity Number: 1143423

1 Such as access to the College grounds [and Library], dining rights, alumni events in and out of College, publications, lifelong learning opportunities, reunions/gaudies, and Oxford University activities. Non -matriculated visiting students are Associate Alumni of the University, but are considered full members of Christ Church College.

2 Only under extraordinary circumstances may an individual who violates statues be declared persona non grata by Governing Body.

3 Subject to College gift acceptance policies.

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