The American Friends of Christ Church

The American Friends was incorporated and obtained charitable status in the U.S. in 2004. Since then, the American Friends has acted as the entity through which U.S. resident Members and Friends may make tax deductible donations to Christ Church.


Many support the American Friends’ Scholarships for American graduates of North American universities who wished to pursue graduate studies in any discipline at the House, but donors may request that their gifts are used in any area.


The American Friends is run by its President, Peter S. Paine Jr., 1957, with the support of Ogden N. Lewis, 1965, Treasurer and Gregor E. Sohns, 1968, Vice President. All act on a pro bono basis. The considerable administrative tasks are all handled by Peter’s able Executive Assistant, Cindy Monty, and the Friends work hand in glove with the Development and Alumni Office in Christ Church.

Thanks to the generosity of our U.S. resident Old Members and friends, the American Friends has a remarkable record of achievement. Since 2004 the American Friends have raised:


$ 273,000 for the American Friends Scholarships. 48 students have benefited.

$ 191,000 for other projects supported by the Annual Fund.

$ 3,622,000 for various capital projects of the Campaign for Christ Church.

Grand Total: $4,086,000


In addition, of course, the extraordinary benefaction of $50m from Michael Moritz and Harriet Heyman was also contributed via the American Friends.