Animal Rights, What Everyone Needs to Know

Peter Waldau (1993, Theology)
Animal Rights, What Everyone Needs to Know by Paul WaldauIn this compelling volume published in 2011 by OUP in the What Everyone Needs to Know series, Paul Waldau expertly navigates themany heated debates surrounding the complex and controversial animal rights movement.

According to ForeWord Reviews, it is  "a superbly written, well-researched work that objectively looks at the subject matter, explores all sides of the issue, and makes good on its promise to provide the information ‘everyone needs to know’ about animal rights. Waldau’s book will very likely become the animal rights bible and be an indispensible source for any serious discussion of the topic.

Paul Waldau is a scholar working at the intersection of animal studies, ethics, religion, law and cultural studies. He has served multiple times as the Bob Barker Lecturer on Animal Law at Harvard Law School, directed animal law reading groups at Yale Law School, and was the Director of Tufts University’s Center for Animals and Public Policy from 2004 through 2008.

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