Be Your Own Nutritionist

George Cooper (1993, Biological Sciences)

Be Your Own Nutritionist by George CooperIn Be Your Own Nutritionist, Cooper explains an enlightening new take on nutrition – showing how factors such as climate, season, environment and emotional wellbeing should all affect the way we eat.  Combining age-old traditions of healthy eating with modern scientific research, he shows you how to ignore the fads and eat right for yourself as an individual.  He explores the golden age of the British diet – the mid-Victorian years - and explains why as a nation we were eating most healthily then, and subsequently what went wrong with modern diets.  The book explains:

How your digestive system works and why you need to know

  • Why eating sushi in winter is positively bad for you
  • Why steak is more nutritious than a salad
  • Food combinations to improve digestion
  • How weather and environment affect health and wellbeing
  • Medicinal foods and weight loss

Packed with case studies, easily-adaptable recipes and useful tips, this book is an indispensable guide for the whole family to eating and living well.