In the Bend of the River: finding Vojvodina

Robert MacCurrach (1972, Biology - Agriculture and Forestry)

In The Bend of the River: finding VojvodinaOne man’s view, part memoir part travelogue, of the province of Vojvodina in northern Serbia. It is told with affection as someone who lived amongst the many peoples cast onto those wide fertile plains from both Hapsburg Empire and Ottoman Europe. This is a story told from the bottom up. A big canvas is stretched out, from Plato’s shepherds to the most recent wave of refugees, but always the compass turns to the villages, the land and its wilderness.

‘It is time for English-speaking audiences to “find” Vojvodina, and Robert MacCurrach uses his personal experience of life beside the Danube to meet this need. His wonderful book brings the haunting flatlands of Serbia to life in all their diversity.’ – Vesna Goldsworthy, author of Chernobyl Strawberries

‘The author brings out the richness of this northern part of Serbia, which has been historically at a cross-roads between central Europe and the Balkans and has seen the interaction of many languages and cultures. This is an enjoyable and many-layered work that will encourage new visitors to Vojvodina.’ - David Gowan, former UK ambassador to Serbia

About the author

Robert MacCurrach was at Christ Church, Oxford. He has been a professional soldier and is now a Chartered Forester. In the aftermath of the Kosovo war he and his wife settled in Serbia for a number of years making frequent visits with Serbian friends to the wild and little visited corners of the country. He is seldom to be found without a pair of binoculars round his neck, watching for birds, and a camera over his shoulder, observing rural life. They own a village house in Vojvodina. He now lives in Herefordshire and works in Wales.

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