Board of Benefactors

Member of the Board of Benefactors - > £25,000

The Board of Benefactors recognises Old Members and Friends of Christ Church who have made donations of £25,000+. The Board has a dual purpose in that it is both recognition of a major contribution to our development objectives, and also a vehicle for participation in our future. It is hoped that it will encourage an on going interest in Christ Church as well as a willingness to offer advice, connections and continuing support.


The recognition elements of the Board include:

* Rotational Invitation to the Benefactors’ Gaudy with guest
* Rotational invitation to Deanery dinners and symposia with members of Governing Body
* Invitation to lectures, exhibitions, Cathedral services and other events held at the House
* Benefactors’ names will be recorded on a commemorative board
* Benefactors will receive Board of Benefactors certificate signed by the Dean


The participation and ownership elements of Board membership include:

* Invitation to an annual meeting to discuss development strategy (with reception and dinner).

* Regular progress reports from the Dean, Censors and Treasurer through the Development Office

* Benefactors to offer access to Development Director for advice, assistance and contacts


Benefactions of £20,000 before gift aid may typically be made over a period of up to five years. After higher rate tax relief of 40% this amounts to a net cost of £3,000 per annum (£250 per month) over the period.