Boat Club Society

For almost 200 years, Christ Church has been racing other colleges, going Head of the River for the first time in 1817. Since then it has won the most rowing events at Henley, been Head of the River on the Isis 33 times, and produced more Blues than any other college. This is due to not only the talent of House rowers, but also the incredible support the House receives from the Boat Club Society. The Boat Club Society provides vital financial assistance and support from the towpath. Membership entitles you to numerous Boat Club Society events at which we hope to see you in the future: Torpids and Eights, the Boat Race, the annual Boat Club Society Dinner in Trinity Term, and the drinks party at Henley on the Saturday. 

Your support for the Christ Church Boat Club on going down is crucial in keeping it at or near being the Head of the River, and towards coaching the lower boats. We hope you will consider giving back to the Boat Club by making a gift and becoming a Member of the Boat Club Society.

Boat Club

You can read more about the current Boat Club and the club's history on their pages.

Boat Club Bicentenary

This was a great year for the Boat Club. The Boat Club endowment project came to fruition thanks to the generosity of Alex Beard (1985) and Emma Vernetti, M1 went Head of the River for a record 33rd time, and the bicentenary was celebrated with a marquee dinner in the Master’s Garden and a Row Past at Henley. We thank all those who helped with gifts and support in other ways over the year, especially the Boat Club Society committee.

The endowment will in future be able to cover the majority of the Club’s expenses as regards the Boat House, the Boatman and coaching. However, alumni members' continued membership of the Boat Club Society is much needed in order to produce annual gifts towards equipment, bursary support, training camps, and travel costs. The longstanding sponsorship agreement with Oliver Wyman regrettably came to an end, but we are pleased to announce the new sponsors of the Boat Club will be Savills. 

"Christ Church is a special place for me and to know that by helping the Boat Club I am also helping the college persuades me even more of the case for support. I urge you to join with me in ensuring the future standards of the Boat Club and Christ Church by both donating to the endowment project and maintaining an annual commitment.”
Jonny Searle, MBE. (1987)