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A World Class Choir

The Choir of Christ Church, Oxford, was founded nearly 500 years ago and has a special and distinctive place within the great English choral tradition.

Since 1546, the Choir has been set apart from all other collegiate and cathedral choirs since it serves both an Oxford college and a diocese, at the same time, in a unique and celebrated dual foundation.
Given the significant financial pressures currently placed on arts and education in the UK, it will come as no surprise that English choral foundations are now in danger of erosion. Protecting the future of music at Christ Church Cathedral will be largely dependent upon the generosity of Members and Friends in supporting the choir for generations to come.

The Christ Church Cathedral Music Trust was established in 2013 to ensure the survival and success of the choir by: 
1. Preserving, in perpetuity, a tradition of the best choral music at Christ Church, through endowment of 60% of its total cost.
2. Within that target, increasing scholarship funding for Choristers to 100% of school fees, ensuring that cost is no impediment to singing at Christ Church.
3. Supporting, in partnership with the Friends of Christ Church, ancillary projects befitting a choir of such quality.

Choir boy

A Choir Accessible To All

The current major aim of the Trust is to give children from all walks of life the opportunity to be a chorister. In order to achieve this goal, we still need to raise a substantial amount to endow the remaining majority of choristerships. This endowment would ensure ‘needs-blind’ access for the most talented to join the Choir, greatly widening the cultural and educational reach of Christ Church and bringing choral music to the lives of many new families and communities.

Our goal is to ensure that no one is excluded from being a part of the Cathedral Choir due to financial need.



Professor Steven Grahl conducting the choir at rehearsal From the Organist
Professor Steven Grahl


“It is a huge privilege to take over the direction of Christ Church Cathedral Choir, and I have already witnessed the excellence which this group achieves. Cathedral services are at the heart of our activity, but beyond that the choir enjoys an international reach through its broadcasts, tours, and recordings. The educative work that happens on a daily basis intersects directly with my post as a college tutor and university professor, and it is my job to inspire not only the choir members, but also, I hope, all those who hear the music of this vibrant ensemble.”


Making It Happen

The Choir costs Christ Church over £500,000 annually, and it will take another £10m to endow in perpetuity. Below are the individual costs for various components of the Choir’s activities: Please give whatever you are able; every gift will help to achieve these goals. 

£212k to endow

Choral or Organ Scholarship         
£63.5k to endow

Lay Clerkship                                 
£185k to endow

Choir tours                                     
£50k per tour

Choir recordings                             
£15k per recording

To help support the Christ Church Choir for the next 500 years, you can give here, or speak to a member of the Development Office.