The Christ Church Association

Formed in 1989, the Christ Church Association’s objectives are to encourage members to keep in touch with and to promote the interests of one another and the House. The major way it achieves this is by organising many varied events each year for members to meet and keep in touch with their contemporaries.

Once someone has spent one academic year at the House they will automatically become a member, but even before that current members can benefit from its activities as they can receive advice on careers, travel and finance. The CCA runs an incredibly useful series of careers evenings and a vacation job scheme.

Once students have gone down, the CCA helps them keep in touch with their contemporaries through its regular e-newsletters and at the different types of events. It also continues to give Old Members access to careers and other advice, and enables them to help both the College and those currently studying.

The CCA has 9,000 members, of whom over 1,700 live overseas, with about 600 in N. America, and 500 in Europe. Almost every profession and industry is represented.

If you are an Old Member and would like to contact one of your contemporaries with whom you have lost touch, you can contact the Development and Alumni Office, who will be pleased to help you.

The CCA works closely with the Development and Alumni Office in producing the alumni magazine Christ Church Matters twice a year.

For many years, Old Members of the House have enjoyed a tradition of High Table ‘dining rights’ and all members are invited to take up this invitation from time to time. If you would like further information, or to make a booking, please contact the Steward's PA:

Old Members, especially those from overseas, are welcome to book guest rooms throughout the year. For further information on rates and availability, please contact Emma Seward:


Appeal from the Christ Church Association

The Christ Church Association needs your help. There are many gaps in our records of society and sports club members. Please take a moment to inform us of any club memberships or offices you held whilst at Christ Church.

  • JCR President or other JCR Committee member?
  • GCR President or other GCR Committee member?
  • Captain or member of a Christ Church sports team?
  • President or member of a college society or club?

This information is needed as many members of the Association wish to plan events around particular sports, societies and anniversaries.  Please help us to help your contemporaries.

The Christ Church Association is looking for volunteers to become Year Reps, Sport Reps and new members to sit on the Association Committee.

Please email or call 01865 286 325 if you would like to find out more.

If you would like further information on the CCA and its activities, please contact:

Simon Offen
Vice President
Christ Church Association
Development and Alumni Office

E-mail: or the contact the Development and Alumni Office