Computer Science

Christ Church is leading a major expansion of the university’s undergraduate teaching in Computer Science by creating a Centre of Excellence at the House. The university has one of the longest-established Computer Science departments in the country, founded in 1957, but in 2017 the university received over 1000 applications for only 60 places. This makes Computer Science one of the most over subscribed courses in the university, and we are committed to working closely with the department to expand the Computer Science Programme at the House and provide a model for the rest of the collegiate university.

Computer Science

Computer Science is about learning and understanding the mathematical, scientific and engineering principles underlying every kind of computing system, from mobile phones and the internet, via systems that interpret natural language, to the supercomputers that forecast tomorrow's weather or simulate the effects of disease on the human heart. The research output from such work is currently and will continue to have major and possibly transformational impacts on many of our lives. 

Christ Church as Centre of Excellence

In 2017 Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web, was appointed to Christ Church as a Senior Research Fellow with Yarin Gal, an expert in Machine Learning, joining him as Associate Professor. The first four undergraduates in Computer Science ever to be recruited at Christ Church started in October 2017.

Christ Church will next appoint a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, three new Graduate Student Scholars (over 5 years), a second Computer Science tutor and grow undergraduate places to 8 per annum over the first 5 years. The community of undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers and Faculty will build resilience as they learn and research together.

Making it Happen

If you would like to support Christ Church’s Computer Science Programme, please get in touch with Philippa Roberts, Development Director.

Corporate Sponsorship

We are keen to work closely with the corporate world and are inviting expressions of interest to sponsor the expansion of Computer Science at Oxford. In return for financial support sponsors will gain direct access to leading edge thinking and research, and access to high quality young computer scientists. To set up a meeting in Oxford or London, please contact Philippa Roberts.